First Look at CCleaner’s Health Check Feature

Piriform to say goodbye to CCleaner’s Easy Clean mode and replace it with an “even friendlier face” and offer “more tools to increase your PC’s speed and security” in the coming weeks. Meet the new “Health Check”, the feature is currently available for some users with CCleaner version 5.62 for testing.

Three months ago, Piriform added the new Easy Clean feature in CCleaner for non-technical users for a more intuitive and easy-to-understand interface. The interface is currently set as a default screen in CCleaner window, users can make Custom Clean as a default option in CCleaner General Settings.

The Health Check above Custom Clean, when launched on first run, shows a series of screens on how the tool can help protect your privacy and improve security and performance when the user uses its tools to

  • disable unwanted apps on startup
  • update apps
  • remove website trackers and advertisers
  • clean garbage

After checking the health of the PC, the tool, if it detects any problems, presents a screen with the message “your PC is bad” and allows you to remove tracking and junk cookies. For the detected apps that need to be disabled and for the apps that need to be updated, you need to update to CCleaner Pro version.

integrity check results

As with the current version, the preview version allows us to switch to Custom Clean from Health Check and wait for the option to be available when Piriform releases the feature to the public.

This health check interface and name may not be definitive as in the past Piriform offered Easy Clean for preview under the name Quick Clean. But Easy Clean is going away, the reasons are unknown, the company says it is making the interface change based on user feedback.

What tool do you use to clean up junk on your PC?

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