First Look at Dashboard-Based Download Manager in Firefox 14 Beta

We recently covered previewing the Australis UI for Firefox which will be the default Firefox theme as Mozilla is making changes to the Firefox UI, these changes include a new UI for the Download Manager that appears in the Popup when you download files, this new download manager is panel based and may reach Firefox 16. Currently you can test this feature in nightly build of Firefox with a clean profile, but this code of downloads panel is present in current builds of Firefox 14 Beta and Firefox 15 Aurora, but it was disabled by default, let’s see how to enable the Downloads Panel in Firefox 14 Beta and we will also see what features it will offer.

Firefox Dashboard-Based Download Manager

If you are not using the beta version of Firefox, you can download it from on here which replaces your current stable version.

Enabling the Downloads Panel in Firefox

Visit about:config in the Firefox address bar and switch to the preference value of “” and restart the Firefox browser. Its value was set to true for us, we changed its value to False with a double click.

The downloads icon does not appear at the end of the navigation bar until you start a download, or you can drag and drop the downloads icon from the toolbar layout to the navigation bar. Once a file download starts, it appears in the dashboard and its progress is shown in the navigation bar and you will be notified once the download is complete, you can click the completed download to open it in the dashboard.

The notification area of ​​this Downloads panel only shows downloads from the current session, however you can view all downloads in other sessions by clicking on “show all downloads” in the Panel that opens the History window.

download history on the History page

Observation: Dashboard based download manager doesn’t work with custom themes in Firefox beta, that’s why users are recommended to test this feature on nightly build with a clean profile.

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