First, see the updated tips app in Windows 11

With Windows 11 release in a few days, Microsoft has started to update Windows applications to the operating system. Until now, the Snipping tool, Clock app, Calculator, Mail and Calendar, Microsoft Photos app received the redesign, today, the company updated Tips Application with an acrylic look, with over 100 new helpful tips.

If you’re not a Windows Insider that Microsoft has made dev and beta versions of Windows 11 available for testing before releasing to the public, there’s less chance you’ll know about the new operating system.

Windows 11 comes with a centralized Start menu and taskbar, Widgets, modern context menu, updated apps, new File Explorer, integrated Microsoft Teams chat, snap assistant and snap groups, new Microsoft Store, new Settings app and more and you are allowed to customize/personalize Windows 11 with new backgrounds and themes.

New tips app in Windows 11

After installing Windows 11, the Tips app is a good place to start learning about the new operating system. It summarizes all the above features including keyboard shortcuts, security features.

When explaining a Windows 11 feature, the tip lets you access that feature from within it.

For example, when you read “custom start menu”, it includes a link to open startup settings.

Likewise, while you are viewing the “Customize your takbar” tooltip, it allows you to open the taskbar settings, which you can get by right-clicking and selecting the option.
The same goes for opening Settings, Microsoft Store, Windows Security and Windows Update.

It may take a while to understand and get used to the new Windows 11 settings and features, the new updated tips available help a lot in this regard.

In a nutshell, the Windows 11 Tips app covers these topics:

  • What’s New in Windows 11
  • How to get around in Windows
  • all about widgets
  • keyboard shortcuts,
  • Customize your computer,
  • stay safer,
  • Increase PC performance,
  • file management,
  • Tips for Microsoft Edge,
  • Create the ultimate Desktop,
  • touch gestures,
  • improve pc health,
  • touch keyboard,
  • handwriting gestures
  • Use your pen,

Note: Microsoft first made the Tips app available to dev channel members at Windows 11 build 22458. You should expect the company to bring this to Beta, release, and public versions in the coming days.

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