Fix “An error occurred while checking for updates for Chrome & Edge. Updater is running”

Occasionally you may see an error with the Chromium browser telling you that the updater is currently running, please update within a minute to complete the update. If you run pre-release versions of Chrome and Edge that are in development, like Canary, you tend to see this error more often. See how to fix this problem.

Update errors appearing in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are sometimes difficult to understand and resolve. We have covered many Chrome update errors like update server not available or update error 7.

Here is another different error related to updates:

“An error occurred while checking for updates. The updater is running. Update in a minute to check again. ”

It is worth noting that the problem can be resolved by restarting the computer. If you don’t want to restart your system with too many apps open, the following steps provide a quick solution to the problem.

I. Google Chrome

  1. While Chrome’s About page is open, launch Task Manager in Windows
  2. Click on the Processes tab, scroll down to “Background Processes”
  3. Click End Task button for two processes “Google Installer (32-bit)”
    Kill Google Installer Process (32-bit)
  4. Switch to Chrome’s about page and reload this time error will not show, the update will be downloaded and you will be prompted to restart to install it.

II. Microsoft edge

1. Open Task Manager

2. Click on the “Processes” tab and go to “Background Processes”

3. Find and kill the “Microsoft Edge Installer” processes

4. Switch to the Edge About page and check again for updates. This time, the update will be downloaded and installed. You need to restart Edge to apply the updates.

Did you face any problem while updating Edge or Chrome? Let us know in the comments below.

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