Fix IDM Configuration Error ‘Unable to create process in decompressor Access is denied. ‘

If you don’t know, during the installation of Internet Download Manager what happens behind the scenes is that the files needed to install IDM will be extracted from your configuration file to a temporary directory on your computer and then the application will be installed. Multiple files named IDM.tmp will be unzipped to here: C:UsersusernameAppDataLocalTempIDM_Setup_Tempafter successful installation of IDM, these files will be removed automatically.

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If any antivirus or security program blocks even an IDM.tmp file created during unpacking, you will get an error, for example, I got one when blocked by Panda Cloud antivirus on my computer. The error is: IDM Configuration: ‘Could not create process in decompressor Access is denied. Error ID: 5’ and the installation stops.

Fixing IDM configuration error: ‘Could not create process in decompressor Access is denied.. ‘

What you need to do then is restore this file (which was falsely detected as a virus – false positive – by the AV) from the Quarantine folder. It’s not that difficult, for that, open Cloud Antivirus, click on the ‘Antivirus’ section and ‘View details’ in Quarantine, select and restore that file.

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Try installing IDM again, this time it will install without any problems.

The situation may be different in your case, you need to ensure that no antivirus or other security program is blocking the extraction of IDM.tmp files.

Have you come across this error before? What did you do then? Share with us in the comments.

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