Fix Windows 10 Setup ‘Something Happened’ Error

After downloading the Media Creation Tool on your computer when running it, you may get a ‘Something happened’ error, let’s see how not to get this error again and make the tool to start the Windows 10 setup process.

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Fix Windows 10 Installation ‘Something Happened’ Error Message

1. Right click on the tool and select run as administrator, you will not get this error

2. If that doesn’t help, try this: This error can be triggered if the downloaded Windows 10 configuration files (created on initial run of the tool) and language settings are different from your system’s.

To fix this, make sure your system’s ‘locale and language settings are set to ‘English (United States)’.

To do this, type ‘intl.cpl’ in the Run command dialog box and press enter. When the Region dialog opens, click Administrative > Change System Locale: and select ‘English (United States) from the drop-down list.

Tip: We can’t confirm this, but it’s worth a try, if the configuration dialog doesn’t appear or crashes in Windows after running the tool, to resume or restart the configuration, visit the C:$Windows.~WS folder and click on ‘setting’ to start the process.

Note: Microsoft may have fixed this issue with their tool, if the issue persists on your computer, you may find this article helpful.

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