Fix WordPad double space/line skip error in Windows 7 with WordPadFix

If you press “Enter” after typing a line Clipboard in Windows 7 the program skips a line, this is a bug not yet fixed by Microsoft. Instead of looking for a temporary solution to double space error, you can fix it permanently with freeware tool WordPadFix.

Using WordPadFix

Download and install the program on your computer, the bug will be fixed! you don’t need to configure or do anything with the application or with WordPad. After installing the application, WordPadFix will be active and the program will add itself to the list of startup programs.

WordPad on Windows 7 after installing WordPadFix

To uninstall this program, you need to run the configuration file and select the “Remove” button.

You may question whether we still need WordPad with Microsoft Office and other free office software? sometimes on systems without office software installed, WordPad can be useful for basic text editing tasks, wouldn’t you agree?

Download WordPadFix

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