Fullscreen YouTube now lets you scroll down the video to see description and comments

YouTube has added ‘Scroll to details’ option to videos played on the web in full screen. While watching a video in full screen on YouTube, without having to leave full screen user can now scroll down to see description, check comments and upcoming videos, you need to scroll up to go back to full screen again. The change can cause confusion for users whether they are in cinema mode or full screen, if you don’t see the browser UI then you are definitely full screen.

Scroll down for details when a full screen video on YouTube

To test the feature

1. Visit YouTube in any browser, it can be Firefox or Chrome, Edge or Opera or Vivaldi

2. Play a video and click the ‘Full Screen’ button or press F11.

3. Youtube.com is now full screen message appears and disappears, click the down arrow on ‘Scroll to Details’ or scroll down using your mouse wheel to see comments or description on the video below.

4. Scroll up to return to full screen mode.

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