Get a log of activity from Bluetooth devices around you

BluetoothLogView is a freeware handheld application by Nirsoft that creates a log of the activity of Bluetooth devices around you so you know when people close to your home (may be your neighbors or family members) with Bluetooth enabled cell phones arrive and leave the house. You need to have the Bluetooth dongle connected to your PC for this app to work.

Every time a new Bluetooth device arrives in your area and when the device leaves your area, a new log line will be added in the program window with information including: Device Name, Device Address, Event Time, Type (‘Device Arrival’ or ‘Device Left’), Device Type, and the company that created the device.

Install Microsoft Bluetooth Drivers with Bluetooth Driver Installer

Track Bluetooth devices in your area with BluetoothLogView

All you need to do is: connect your Bluetooth dongle and run the BluetoothLogView executable file. The program constantly searches for Bluetooth devices and adds a new log line when any cell phone arrives in your area and when that cell phone leaves your area.

You can copy these log lines to the clipboard or save selected log items to the text/xml/csv/html file.

BluetoothLogView supports Windows versions that provide built-in support for Bluetooth like Windows XP/SP2/Vista/7 and this program works with the standard Bluetooth module of Windows XP/Vista/7.

Download BluetoothLogView

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