Google Chrome to natively show audio indicators for music playback guides

Finding which tab is playing audio in Google Chrome or any browser is difficult but there is a Chrome extension for that but this should be a native feature in Google browser. And guess what! bug sent long ago in 2008 to have “tab control over sounds on webpages” has been fixed and Chrome browser to show the audio indicator for each tab that is playing music so you can identify and close them to save precious memory resources.

How to test the audio indicators feature in Google Chrome browser?

1. Download and install the Chrome Canary version on your computer.

2. Visit the YouTube website in your browser and try to play any video.

3. You will see an audio indicator on YouTube playback tab similar to music equalizer.

For your information, Google already offers the Chrome Toolbox extension that allows you to mute all tabs and discover with other hidden features. You might be interested in reading How to find and close this YouTube video playback tab in Google Chrome without using any extensions.

Thanks to Francois Beaufort.

Audio indicators feature will soon be ported to dev. channel and takes some time to be officially available to all users with a release channel.

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