Google Keep on the web now has dark mode available, here’s how you can turn it on

On July 9, 2019, Google announced they started casting dark mode for Google Keep on the web and said that it takes 15 days from the date of the ad to be visible to the user. Users must have it by July 24th, our device got dark mode for Google’s free note-taking service today.

If you now log into the Google Keep website, you will be informed about dark mode (if implemented for you) saying “Enjoy a more comfortable reading experience and save battery”, you will have the option to enable dark mode within the message , you can toggle it if you don’t want it later by visiting Settings.

Dark Mode Enabled for Google Keep on the Web

Google claims that the dark mode creates “a better viewing experience in low-light conditions by reducing glare.” To return to normal or default Keep mode, click on the cog and select “Disable dark mode”.

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