Google+ now works in Opera

The Opera browser never got the respect from Google it deserved, if any service that Google launches that is not supported in the Opera browser, Google Instant and Google+ are examples. It is really disappointing for Opera users as they need to masquerade Norwegian browser as Firefox or IE to test these services, good news for Opera users. Google+ now works in Opera browser without problems declared by opera blog.

Google+ is now compatible with the Opera browser

But Official Google+ compatible browsers help page has not been updated to confirm this still shows Chrome, IE, Firefox and Safari as supported browsers and Opera is clearly missing. If Google’s social networking site is working fine, you don’t have to worry about it.

“Good news for everyone who googles!

In the past, Google services didn’t always work as they should in Opera, mainly due to the old browser compatibility bugbear.

But Google has already made the tweaks, fixes, and possibly even rain dances needed to make Google+ and Google Toolbar work better in Opera. “

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