Google prepares to ship “Scroll to Text Fragment” feature to Chrome

After conducting source testing on the Scroll to Text Fragment Chromium team today announced it is ready to push the resource to Chrome. Google Search participated in the Origin Test and found that links to specific content on a page are very useful in search results. The Chromium team said it is developing a Chrome extension to generate scroll-to-text links and will open the source code on Github.

Google Search, which used Scroll to Text on Featured Snippets, said the feature (explanatory page available on here) greatly improves the search experience and helps users consume source page content more efficiently.

“We tried Scroll to Text in Featured Snippets in Google Search, where it scrolls and highlights the same passage on the source page when opening. We see improvements to the search experience as a result of the feature.”

“By allowing users to access content most relevant to their queries, we have observed that users consume source page content more efficiently. In addition, users end up consuming a wider range of search results. There are already two similar launches on Google Search on a small fraction of the traffic. This feature will go a long way toward expanding coverage.”

What is the Scroll to Text Fragment feature and how will it be useful to end users?

the entry into Chrome Platform Status defines text snippets like this” This feature allows a user or author to link to a specific part of a page, using a snippet of text provided in the URL. When the page loads, it highlights the text and scrolls into view.”

Chrome supports Scroll to Text links on Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, and Android, and the feature will come in handy on search engine results pages, Wikipedia reference links, and users sharing browser links.

Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Safari have not shown any interest or given any signal, if the user loads a scented Scroll to Text link in an unsupported browser, the page will load without highlighting or scrolling.

To test the feature right away, run Chrome Canary with the command line flag below and visit this Wikipedia link.


As stated above, an extension for Chrome to create scroll links to text on a page will be offered soon, rather than manually generating them by the user.

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