Google Removes FB Purity Facebook Personalization Extension From Chrome Web Store

Facebook Personalization Browser Extension, FB Purity available for Chrome Browser at Virtual store was taken down by Google alleging a policy violation and informed the developer not to use “irrelevant, misleading, or excessive keywords in app descriptions, titles, or metadata.”

UPDATE May 23, 2019: The extension is back in the store.

FB Purity Chrome extension removed from Web Store due to policy violations

What is the FB Purity extension and what does it do?

To the unknown, according to the Purity FB homepage, Fluff Busting Purity “alerts your Facebook view to only show information relevant to you. It allows you to remove the annoying and irrelevant stories from your news feeds like game and app spam, ads and sponsored stories. It can also hide the boxes you don’t want to see on either side of the electronic news feed.”

Developer response:

the developer it says his extension description does not contain irrelevant, misleading or excessive keywords and keeps saying that it is unfair to remove the extension while he is trying to fix the issue by working with Chrome Web Store developer support. The owner of FB Purity says he knows how difficult it is to reinstate the extension once removed.

The extension is still available for Firefox, Opera and Edge browsers and can be installed in the respective browsers. This is not something about the extension exhibiting malicious behavior, but about the information presented about the extension for the Chrome Web Store found wrong by the CWS team.

As the extension is inactive, we can’t provide information on how many Chrome users are actually using this extension (we couldn’t find the archived Internet Archive page either), but the website claims that the extension for Firefox has been available since 2009 is one of the 150 top rated Firefox extensions by users and has more than 4 lakh, 53k users. We are not sure if these numbers are current or old.

We don’t use this extension personally, so we’re not sure how popular it is. Do you use this Fluff Busting Purity extension in Chrome? What is your opinion about this step taken by Google?

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