Google will permanently remove NPAPI support from Chrome in September 2015

Two years ago, Google announced its plans to deprecate the Netscape Plugin API (NPAAPI) in the Chrome browser. they provided an atualization about it today:” Last September, we announced our plan to remove NPAPI support from Chrome, a change that will improve Chrome’s security, speed, and stability, as well as reduce complexity in the codebase. Since our last update, NPAPI usage continued with this usage data, we will continue with our discontinuation plan.”

Chrome NPAPI Plugins Deprecation Timeline

Currently, NPAPI plugins, except whitelisted ones, are blocked by default.

In January 2015, Chrome will remove support for whitelisted plugins, which means that all plugins will be blocked by default.

As of April 2015, NPAPI support will be disabled in the browser, however, for advanced and enterprise users, a replacement will be provided via chrome://flags/#enable-npapi and Corporate Policy, so they can “temporarily re-enable NPAPI while they wait for mission-critical plugins to transition.”

In September 2015, the override will be removed and NPAPI support will also be permanently removed from Chrome. Installed extensions that require NPAPI plugins cannot load these plugins.

Security features offered by Google Chrome to protect users from plugin exploits

To check NPAPI Depreciation Guide page for more details.

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