How to add a website RSS feed to Opera Personal News

The news feature introduced in the Opera browser turned out to be an RSS reader, which has not been getting as much attention lately or has been forgotten by users with recent version updates. Firstly, the Opera browser allows you to add any website feed and read articles from the news page. There are two ways to add a site RSS/atom feed to Opera News Reader.

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Adding an RSS site to the personal news feed in the Opera browser

1. Visit about:news in Opera’s address bar

2. Click “Add Sources”, enter the website URL in the search field,

3. Select a feed, preview it and click the + button to add.

4. Done.


1. Click on Opera menu > Settings > Browser

2. Under “Personal News”, check “Show available news feeds in address bar”

3. Visit the desired website in browser, when Opera detects feeds for that website, it shows News Paper icon in address bar, click it

4. Click ‘add to my sources’ to add the feed to personal news.

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You should visit the about:news page from now on to read the articles fetched and displayed by News.

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