How to block websites using Avast 6 Free Antivirus

As we covered the Avast 6 Free antivirus beta has been released, I can’t wait for more installed and here about the website blocking feature that existed in paid versions of Avast products is now also available for free users. The website blocking feature in Avast allows you to block websites viewed in your browser.

Blocking websites using Avast

1. Open the Avast UI, click the “Additional Protection” module on the left to expand it, and click “Site Blocking” .

2. Enter the URL of the web address on the page and click “Add” to block that site by Avast on your computer.

block websites using Avast

3. When you try to access the blocked site in any browser, the Avast web shield shows a warning that the site is blocked.

Avast Site Blocking feature helps parents to block pornographic websites accessed by children.

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