How to capture app splash screens using Snagit

We have covered how to disable home screens of portable apps, for free O&O MediaRecovery post, I want to capture your home screen but found it difficult even with popular Snagit tool. Anyway if you want capture app splash screens which loads on startup using SnagIt , here is the path.

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Opening screen is the image that appears when loading an application to notify the user that the program is in the process of loading.

Capturing Splash Screens from Applications Using Snagit

These splash screens load and disappear with the blink of an eye, hard to capture these screenshots even with Snagit.

If you are using Snagit 10 or its earlier version

1. Open Snagit, under Capture, select Time Delay Menu

2. Now press Print Screen shortcut, countdown starts from 10 seconds when it reaches 2 seconds, run the app and Snagit capture the splash screen easily.

Snagit captured app splash screen

I’m not a Snagit pro, you can even use Snagit to make it a product for you. You can always crop the captured image later.

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