How to disable active monitoring

After the pop-up ads displayed by the previous version of CCleaner, we now have a new version of CCleaner 5.45 available with changes that may annoy and annoy you even more. Piriform removed the data collection opt-out setting from CCleaner’s privacy settings. And they have a new reporting system for CCleaner that sends heart rate every 12 hours, which reports up-to-date usage statistics to Avast, Avast claims this allows them to quickly submit bug fixes and product improvements.

Forced active monitoring

CCleaner has two monitoring features enabled by default, one is System Monitoring and the other is Active Monitoring. System Monitor shows a notification if cleaning with CCleaner saves more than 0.5GB of disk space. On the other hand, Active Monitoring checks for CCleaner product updates and alerts you when a new version of CCleaner is available. Both features can be turned off by visiting CCleaner > Options > Monitoring.

Unfortunately, CCleaner 5.45 is not honoring the active monitoring configuration. If you disable the setting it will have no effect as you may notice the CCleaner icon in the system tray saying ‘CCleaner monitoring is active’. Is that an insect? Or intentional change from Avast, we’ll know that soon. But here is how you can disable CCleaner active monitoring in version 5.45.

Disable active monitoring in CCleaner 5.45

  1. Start Task Manager
  2. Click on the Startup tab, select ‘CCleaner’ and click on Disable

click disable

3. Restart your computer.

4. Done.

If you are using Windows 7 or another version of Windows, type msconfig in the Run dialog to open the system configuration and disable the CCleaner startup item.

Clarification: CCleaner has the activation monitoring feature permanently enabled by default, which you cannot disable. When you deactivate it, it is reactivated again. But by disabling the CCleaner startup item, we can prevent CCleaner from running on computer startup.

But when you open or run CCleaner at least once in the session, CCleaner monitoring will be active in that session, which you cannot end even if you close CCleaner. But you can kill your process in Task Manager. So to avoid this, open and run CCleaner only if you do any cleaning unless you don’t use the app to prevent CCleaner monitoring from activating.

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Aug 1, 2018 Update: Finally, Avast responded on the matter.

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August 07, 2018: Piriform removed CCleaner 5.45 and restored CCleaner 5.44 on their website, you can download 5.44 version of CCleaner website now.

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