How to disable default browser notification bar on new tab page

In April, Mozilla decided to find out which web browser Firefox users use by default on Windows and added a scheduled task called Firefox Browser Agent to Firefox to find out about it. Now, the company is testing a notification on Nightly where appear when you open the first new tab in a session and ask you to set Firefox as your default browser.

Although the test is targeted at Firefox 81, you can now see the prompt in Firefox 82 Nightly.

To begin,

  1. night launch
  2. Open a new tab,
  3. You will get a notification with a message asking “Set Firefox as your default browser? Enjoy fast, secure and private browsing whenever you use the web.”

    Set Nightly as your default browser notification in Firefox new tab

  4. If you take no action, it will appear once in the next four sessions whenever you open a new tab.

Disabling Firefox’s Default Browser Notification Bar on New Tab Page

  1. Clicking the ‘x’ icon will close and disable the notification bar forever
  2. Or you can visit about:config and change the following pref value to false

If you click on “Set as Default”, the Settings app opens in Windows 10 and allows you to choose and set Firefox as the default browser

The notification bar appears only for users who do not use Firefox as their default browser.

Firefox 81 getting a lot of new features

In other Firefox 81 related news, Mozilla prepared a new print preview dialog, media control feature, Pioneer v2 study, added support for form filling for PDFs and credit card autofill, and included a new and colorful Alpenglow theme on the about:addons page.

So when compared to Firefox 80, Firefox 81 is a major release with many new features.

Firefox already has a setting enabled to always check if it’s the default browser, this additional prompt might annoy users even more, what do you tell me?

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