How to disable/disable Google+ custom search results on Google

Google offers custom search results by default for everyone, with the recent launch of Google+ they want you to access all the private information you put on Google+ like photos and posts in Google search results, of course you need be logged into your Google account for this, which turns the Google search engine into Search your world more, some users may like it, others may not. See how to disable these personalized results on Google.

Search Plus Your World is still rolling out to users worldwide and may not be available to you anyway, visit in your browser and log into your Gmail/Google account and start the search.

You can now save Google search settings to your Google account

Now you will see some personal results at the top, check the screenshot below, you can click the personal results icon on the right side to see more relevant results for you and your friends. Those personal results include posts and photos you’ve shared on Google+ and those shared with you, you’ll only be able to see this page.

You can search for profiles you are interested in following. You can search people profiles and Google+ pages.

Watch the Search, Plus your World video on YouTube

Disabling custom search results on Google

Are you angry? it seems that many people (may not be the case for some Google+ users)

Click the Settings icon > Search Settings, select Don’t use personal results underneath personal results and click Save .

For Google+ users there is now a share box on the Google homepage in addition to SPYW

I disabled these results once for my Google account without taking screenshots, so now I can’t reproduce this.

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