How to disable EaseUS Partition Master Junk Files Popup?

EaseUS recently added Cleaning and optimization feature which includes junk file cleaning along with large file cleaning and support for disk optimization – for EaseUS Partition Master 11.0. Newly added feature annoys you to clean junk files by showing notification area popups, if you use EaseUs Partition Master mainly for partitioning purposes, these messages may annoy you, here’s how to disable them.

This is what the notification shown by EPM reads: Some junk files found on your system. We recommend that you clean junk files to improve system performance.’.

EaseUS Partition Master says that some junk files were found on your system

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Disabling EaseUS Partition Master Clean Junk File Popup

1. Launch EaseUS Partition Master, click Help and uncheck ‘pop-up window’

2. Then open the Run dialog, type msconfig and press enter

3. Click Activate Start (in Windows 8/10 the startup tab is located in the Task Manager) and disable the following

CleanupUI App – CleanupUI

EaseUS Master Partition Master Free Edition Application – EPMNews.exe


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