How to enable 2-step verification for your LinkedIn account

After Dropbox, Twitter recently offered two-step authentication for its users, LinkedIn now offering the optional 2-step verification security feature for its users. Vicente Silveria it says on the Linkedin blog” All LinkedIn accounts are already protected by a series of automatic checks designed to prevent unauthorized login attempts. We are now introducing a new optional feature that adds another layer of security to your LinkedIn login: 2-Step Verification.”

As usual, the two-step verification method adds an extra step to logging into your account – where you need to enter a special code sent by Linkedin to your mobile device via SMS. By enabling 2-step verification for your LinkedIn account, you are making it difficult for crooks to access your account as they not only need to know your account password, but they also need to have access to your mobile phone to enter the special code. .

Enabling 2-Step Verification for LinkedIn Account

1. Under Account & Settings > select Privacy & Settings

2. Click Account tab>Manage Security Settings

2. On the Security Settings page, under 2-Step Verification for Login, click “Enable”

3. Then you need to enter your phone number as your country is already chosen and displayed on the screen, click the “send code” button after entering the phone number.

Note: Your mobile number will not be publicly visible on your LinkedIn profile.

4. Enter the code received on your mobile phone to activate 2-step verification.

You can always disable LinkedIn 2-Step Verification by visiting the security settings page and clicking the “Disable” button.

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I recommend that you enable the “Secure Connection” option on the Security Settings page as well, if you have not enabled it until now.

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