How to enable and use Firefox Lockwise Password Manager (formerly Lockbox) in Nightly

Mozilla is looking to integrate its Password Manager Lockbox is available for Android and iOS on Firefox desktop as well as Firefox Lockwise. The HTML based login manager is now available behind an about:config preference in Nightly and can be enabled and used, please note that the feature is still under development and the Firefox team will improve the login manager page UI login while working.

Activate Firefox Lockwise in Nightly

1. Make sure you are using the latest Firefox Nightly, visit about:config

2. Find the preference and change its value to “true”.

3. Restart the Firefox browser and visitabout:logins page to see the new Firefox Lockwise password manager live.

Using Lockwise in Firefox:

To use Lockwise to manage passwords in Firefox,

1. Click on the menu > Options > Privacy & Security

2. Under “Logins & Passwords”, make sure the settings below are selected

  • Ask to save logins and passwords for websites
  • Use a master password.

When prompted to set master password, enter a password that you can remember, this is the master password, the key to access and manage all logins in Firefox browser, you must not forget this.

save this login prompt

Now, whenever you visit a website and enter login credentials, Firefox asks to save login details, please allow. Next time, Firefox automatically fills in the username and passwords for these sites when you visit, which you can manage by visiting the about:logins page.

The page allows you to view usernames, passwords and website addresses stored by Lockwise and allows you to make changes to them. You can launch the respective website and copy or modify username and passwords using the options provided on the page.

Some time ago, Mozilla added the “logins and passwords” option to Firefox’s hamburger menu, it’s for the purposes of Lockwise, which now displays saved login information.

logins and passwords and saved logins

Although we found this information on our own, from Bleepingcomputer we came to know Mozilla have plans to turn Lockbox and Firefox Monitor into commercial resources and make money from them and offer a trial and will conduct a study on Firefox 67 and later versions by installing an add-on, you can install Lockwise extension hosted on Github page on here. The extension has some known issues and requires the master password to be disabled before installing the extension in order for it to work.

It’s up to you whether to use the built-in Firefox Lockwise login manager or use the signed extension available on Github.

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