How to enable hibernate option in Windows 8

By default in Windows 8 the DP hibernate option will not be visible in the Shutdown dialog or the power option icon on the Metro screen when you click on it, hibernation is a power saving state designed primarily for laptops that saves documents and programs open on your hard drive. drive and turn off your computer and Windows restores them when you turn on your computer. The hibernate option uses the lowest power out of all the power saving states in Windows, let’s see how we can enable the hibernate option in Windows 8.

Enabling the Hibernate Option in Windows 8

1. Open Desktop Control Panel>Hardware and Sound>Power Options

energy options

2. Click “Choose what the power button does”, now in the open System Settings window, click Change currently unavailable settings

system settings

3. Scroll down to the bottom and select show hibernation under power options settings, click Save editions button.

show hibernation

4.Now you can view hibernate option in the shutdown dialog that appears when you press Alt+F4 assuming all programs are closed.

hibernate option

5. Press Win key to view subway splash screen and press Win+I to get Definitions now click on Power icon as you can see the hibernate option along with the shutdown and restart options.

subway hibernation

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