How to Enable or Disable Tabbed Inbox for Gmail

The new Gmail Inbox is rolling out to all users, but it won’t be enabled by default. You need to check and enable it by selecting “Configure inbox” from the Settings (Gear) menu and then selecting two other (optional) tabs – Updates and Forums – and clicking the “save” button to view the inbox Gmail with tabs.

Hide Tabs in Gmail: Gmail by default offers Primary, Social, and Promotions tabs. By clicking the + sign on the right, you can hide or show tabs in the input box.

Disabling Gmail Inbox Tabs: Don’t like tabbed inbox, you can easily disable it.

Hover over Inbox on the left and in the drop-down menu you can select and change to another type of inbox – Important first, unread first, Starred first, and Priority Inbox – before enabling Inbox with tabs, we are using Priority Inbox, so you need to choose it.

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