How to Enable WebUI Tab Strip for Google Chrome on Windows

Google is working on a feature for Chrome OS behind a flag that shows a preview of the tabs in the tab strip when you click the down arrow, FYI, this feature is already available in Classic Edge and Vivaldi. The Chromium team now portability the same Chrome OS “WebUI tab strip” feature for Chrome on Windows and Linux platforms, the feature is available behind some flags in the latest Chrome Canary and they can be enabled.

While you can see the thumbnail preview of a tab in Chrome on your desktop by hovering with the tab cards and tab info card images, to display previews of all the tabs at once, Google has prepared a WebUI-based tab strip for Chrome OS. Now the company has ported it to Chrome Canary, the feature is working and requires the following three flags to be enabled in Canary 81.0.3992.4 to work.

  • WebUI tab strip
  • WebUI tab demo options.
  • Tap UI Layout

The second flag, when enabled, “displays a set of options for demonstrating and testing various features and behaviors of the WebUI tab strip”. The third flag is crucial which will enable the touch UI layout in the top Chrome browser.


If you’re a Windows 10 user, you might be familiar with the “tab previews” Classic Edge displays when you click the down arrow next to the last tab. Edge also lets you reorder and scroll through tab views.

Classic Edge tab strip shows previews

From 9to5Google’s “Chrome OS Guide Strip Demo” video embedded below, you can notice Chrome OS replicating the same, expect Chrome Guide Strip to work like this in the future.

Chrome’s new tab strip raises a question: what happened to the scrollable tab bar that Google promised to solve the tab overflow issue? A flag has been available for some time now. Has this been replaced by this or do we need to wait some more time? These must be answered by Google.

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