How to get old design from Google Image results in Google Image Search

recently Google changed the project of google imagesso the results show up after you ran the search on google images is completely different from the old design and google images shows a continuous stream of images which is uncomfortable and disliked by many users, here is how you can get back to old google image results design.

Reverting to the old Google Images design

1.Visit in your browser

2. Enter the search query in the search box you want to search on Google images and click search images.

3.Of course the Google Images results will be shown with a new design, now go to the bottom of the page and click switch to basic version to get old design Google image results for that specific search session.

switch to old google image results page

4.Yes, you can only get old google image results for that specific research session using Switch to Basic Version. You need to do this every time you need to get the old design from Google image results.

You can switch to a new design by clicking the “switch to default version” button at the bottom of the page.

5.You can also try to replace with &sout=1

old google image results design

For example, when you want to put flowers in old google images design replace “query” with “flowers” ​​and paste in the address bar and press enter.

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