How to remove VLC Web Plugin from Firefox and Chrome browsers?

When you install VLC Player on your computer, browser plug-ins will also be installed by default (unless you uncheck them during setup). Have you ever watched videos in Chrome and Firefox browsers using VLC web plugin? If the answer is no then go ahead and delete the plugin in both browsers, they are useless, too many plugins can slow down your browser. Here is how to remove VLC Web Plugin from fire Fox and chrome browsers.

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Removing VLC Web Plugin from Firefox and Chrome Browsers

1. Visit the about:plugins page in the Firefox browser

2. Note the path of the file ‘npvlc.dll’ in ‘VLC Web Plugin’, here it is: “C:Program FilesVideoLANVLCnpvlc.dll

npvlc.dll location

3. Navigate to that path and delete npvlc.dll from your computer.

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TIP: Next time you install VLC, please uncheck ‘Mozilla Plugins’ under ‘Web Plugins’ in the setup dialog after choosing custom installation type.

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