How to set Chrome as default browser?

Microsoft changed the way Windows 10 handles default apps in build 10122: Classic Windows apps and Universal Windows apps won’t prompt you to change the defaults, only Windows does that now.

For example, if you used to see programs like Chrome asking you to set it as the default browser on startup when it’s not, now Windows 10 shows a dialog (even though the Google browser still does it and the options don’t work): ‘To change your default apps, go to Settings > System > Default apps.’

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Microsoft says that this dialog will not appear in the future when all apps are updated to the Windows 10 model for standards, we don’t know when this happens, so you will see this dialog more often in future builds, get used to it.

Setting Chrome as Default Browser on Windows 10 Build 10122

1. Open the Settings app

2. Click System > Default Apps, select Web Browser ‘Project Spartan’ and choose ‘Google Chrome’ from the ‘Choose App’ popup, done (see image below).

Default apps section

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What is your opinion about this change?

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