How to share tweets to your friends via email from Twitter website

Twitter now allows its users to send tweets directly from its website, so let’s take a look at how to use this feature to share tweets with your friends or family.. A few days ago, Twitter announced on its blog that the website has the ability to allow everyone to share tweets with anyone via email, those people you are going to share tweets with do not need to be on Twitter.

Twitter’s Email Tweets Feature Comes to My Control

To send any tweet by email

1. Log in to Twitter with your username and password, click the “More” icon next to Favorite below the tweet and click “Email Tweet”,

2. In the next step, enter people’s email addresses, which can be your relatives or friends in the To field, enter the comment and click the “Send email” button.

share this tweet via the email dialog shown by the Twitter website

3. That’s it! Twitter sends that tweet to the email addresses you mentioned above in a snap.

Don’t want those tweets shared to your email address? unsubscribing is the way to go

Twitter never discloses your email address to the shared recipient and Twitter offers some sort of protection for users who receive emails like this, as well as unsubscribing in the future so they don’t receive tweets shared by others. people with them.

If your inbox continues to receive this type of email, I suggest you use the unsubscribe link provided in the shared tweet message you received.

Twitter shared tweet with unsubscribe link at the bottom to opt out of receiving these emails in the future

If they try to send a tweet to the same email address you deactivated Twitter with, deny it by showing the message “You are not currently allowed to share this tweet with this email address”.

This feature is being implemented gradually, today we have this feature in our twitter handle.

Do you have this feature in your Twitter handle? do you like this feature? you’ll use? share with us in the comments.

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