How to uninstall or remove TermBlazer Adware from your computer?

When you install free programs, third-party installers may install adware with them, one way to bypass them is to choose the custom install option and carefully uncheck the unnecessary ones (or rely on a program like Unchecky). But still some programs will be installed on your computer. Let’s see how to remove such TermBlazer adware from your machine.

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TermBlzaer, once installed, inserts advertisements (such as offers) on the pages you visit in browsers and, for selected keywords or phrases, shows its icon which, when clicked, offers definitions, translations and search results. It can do other things:

  • Change browser settings
  • Converts words on the pages you view into hyperlinks that link to ads

Be aware, installs Crapware via its Download Manager

Removing TermBlazer Adware

.1. Visit Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features

2. Select ‘TermBlazer’, click the ‘Uninstall’ button and follow the onscreen instructions.

Tip: To remove your registry entries and other crap that the built-in uninstaller doesn’t delete, I suggest you use Revo Uninstaller for complete removal.

3. After that, scan your computer with Malware anti-malware (free version is available) to remove other remnants of it.

You can remove Radsteroids adware with Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

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