How to Uninstall or Remove the Yahoo Toolbar from Chrome

Are you finding it difficult to remove Yahoo Toolbar in Chrome browser, this article is here to help you. Yahoo recently released the new Yahoo Toolbar for Chrome, if you installed it in Chrome unintentionally or intentionally to see the new features it offers or there may be a chance that other programs install it on your computer, then you should know that you can easily remove it from Chrome browser, just follow the steps below.

How to install Yahoo toolbar in Chrome?

The above question arises when you reside in a country other than WE, because Yahoo Toolbar is currently only available to US users. But you can still install it easily from Chrome Online Store as it was officially made available by Yahoo as an extension

There is another way to install it, which is from Yahoo toolbar homepageall you need to do is select WE like your country.

uninstalling or Removing the Yahoo toolbar from Chrome

Unlike other toolbars like Bing Bar, you cannot uninstall it from Control Panel because it was installed as a Chrome extension. That’s why you can’t find it in the list of installed programs.

1. Click the Chrome menu and then Tools submenu select extensions.

2. You will notice Yahoo Toolbar for Chrome installed (if not, go to step 4), click the trash can icon to remove it.

installed the yahoo toolbar chrome extension

3. The Yahoo Toolbar will be removed from the Chrome browser.

4. Problems removing YT?, use a program like Toolbar Cleaner, in our tests, this program detected and showed YT for Chrome, and you can remove it with a single click using this program.

Toolbar Cleaner can remove Yahoo toolbar from Chrome

You can also try Toolbar Removal Tools or Avast Browser Cleanup.

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