Internet Download Manager Update Adds ‘Find’ Option for Downloaded Files

If you have been using Internet Download Manager for a long time, then you may have downloaded a lot of files from the Internet, when you open IDM, the main window shows the list of downloaded files. This popular download manager definitely has no search or location feature, which avoids having to re-download the same file you downloaded recently.

Fortunately, the latest version has added find resource to search downloads in IDM list. You can find it in the ‘Downloads’ menu, which is ‘Find (Ctrl -F)’ .

Fix ‘IDM cannot find 4 files needed for browser and system integration. Please reinstall IDM’

Finding a file in the list of downloads shown by IDM

Whenever you want to find a file in the list of downloaded files in IDM, select Find or use the shortcut, when the Find File dialog box appears, enter the file name or part of the name and click the ‘Find’ button. IDM highlights the file if found in its main window.

This version –Internet Download Manager Build 6.21 3- fixed some bugs and added high DPI support for the Chrome extension. You can download it from the IDM website or click on the ‘Help’ menu and select ‘Check for Updates’ for ‘Quick Update’ to download and install the update on your computer.

Fix ‘Do you have an obsolete Firefox browser integration or the Firefox integration is not installed..?’

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