Is Firefox 15 slow compared to Firefox 14?

Since some last betas of Firefox 15 we are feeling the Mozilla browser less fast than Firefox 14 and it is loading pages slowly, it seems to be the case that more users have sent feedback to Mozilla about the beta version of Firefox being so slow, sluggish., It even seems difficult for Mozilla to find out the causes of slowness. We can tell from the discussion mentioned in the bug below that Firefox 15 is loading pages slowly and consuming more memory than Firefox 14.

Error 784512 with the title “per entry: reports that slowdowns increased by about 100% in Firefox 15 vs. 14” says it all. “Mentions of slow Firefox 15 sign-in in the last 3 weeks

Running a statistical analysis of word frequencies in the input, we get twice as much feedback mentioning slow|slow|speed|forever at 15 versus 14.”

Too many users sent comments where the word “slow” is included in almost every comment

Here’s a summary of what users feel with the current beta version of Firefox

  • slow downloads
  • Slow page loads
  • frequent failures
  • flash problems
  • high ram usage
  • slow startup
  • Slow games/videos
  • slow search
  • Mentions from various sites including Facebook, twitter, tumbler and more
  • Slower than previous versions

flash problems: Is there something to do with the Flash Player Protected Mode for Firefox that was introduced in Flash 11.3? users experience more crashes happening with Flash Player version 11.3 onwards. True in the case of Firefox 14, Adobe recommended temporarily disabling Sandbox for Flash Player. But these issues were fixed, Adobe had already released Flash 11.4 recently.

slow search: Blame Google’s HTTPS search introduced in Firefox 14, it’s true that encrypted search returns slower search results than HTTP search.

slow startup: We can agree that this Firefox 15 is much slower to take off than Firefox 14.

It’s true that most of the comments are from Windows users, is Firefox 15’s slowness something platform-specific?

Most users mentioned Facebook games and videos (supposedly from YouTube) loading slowly. With telemetry data as well, Mozilla doesn’t discover noticeable differences between the two builds. Mozilla seeks more information if any users experience performance issues in Firefox 15 that cannot be reproduced in Firefox 14.

We hope Mozilla finds the causes of performance degradation in Firefox 15 vs. Firefox 14. We want them to fix it in the beta phase, where we have the final Firefox 15 scheduled to be released on the 28th of this month.

Are you using Firefox 15 beta? is it slow for you? share with us in the comments.

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