Kaspersky Application Advisor shows complete information about files or programs

Kaspersky did application advisor service available in Beta that allows you to know details about any file or program. The Kaspersky Application Advisor service “provides current and complete information about any software known to Kaspersky Lab”. We can’t do that with VirusTotal because VT scans suspicious files and URLs for malware with many antivirus and antimalware scanners and they keep adding them.

VirusTotal adds Kaspersky URL Scanner as new scanning engine

Using Kaspersky Application Advisor: Visit the service’s website in browser and enter the file/program name or checksum in MD5 or SHA1 format or you can upload any file, less than or equal to 5MB in size to know the complete information about it.

Currently, KA Advisor provides the following information for a searched or uploaded file.

  • File security level, safe or not, according to Kaspersky Security lab.
  • User trust, the file’s trust level, and is determined by the number of users who have placed the file in one of the trust groups.
  • Geographic reach.
  • Certificate status, information about the digital signature of the file, and about the certificate confirming ownership of the file for a given publisher.
  • Number of participants in Kaspersky Security Network ran it.
  • File details such as original name, vendor, product, file name, file type, size, version, and MD5, SHA1 checksums with date and time added.

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