Make Google Instant Previews Work in Opera

Google is hard on Opera, they don’t let Opera users try their Google Instant and Google Instant Previews features, Opera doesn’t support Google Instant as well as Google Instant Previews where we found Google Instant Previews works even when disabling Google Instant. Opera Users Are Disappointed, Here’s How To Google Instant Previews to work in Opera.

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Making Google Instant Previews work in Opera

Make sure you are using Google as your default search engine.

1. Press Ctrl + F12 to open Preferences, click the Search tab, select the “Google” search engine entry,

2. Click Edit>Details for the “Address” entry, switch Opera to Firefox and click Ok to save the changes.

3. Now visit in Opera browser

4. Right click on the page and select “Edit Site Preferences” click on the Network tab and choose “Mask as Firefox” for browser identification.

5.Click OK to save your changes.

With this, Google Instant Previews will appear in the search results when you perform the search in Opera’s search bar and address bar, of course the Google home page works too.

If you masquerade Opera as Firefox for the Google homepage, instant previews will appear in Opera only on the Google homepage (which we have observed). With the above method, Google Instant Previews also appears in the search bar and address bar, with Google being set as the default search engine.

With the above method, Google Instant Previews works on Opera 10.63 stable release as well as Opera 11 current alpha release.

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