Make Skype for Web work in Firefox

If you now visit the newly released Skype for Web in Firefox browser, website says “unsupported browser” message stating “Use Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome to access Skype for web experience” and suggests downloading Skype to computer as an alternative. Well, apparently Mozilla can’t do much about it, but if you’re desperate to use the web version of Skype in Firefox without switching to another browser, you can, here’s how.

If you don’t know, yesterday Microsoft released the new “Skype for Web” and it’s available with features like HD calling, call recording, notification panel and chat media gallery. But the new Skype for Web only supports Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers, but not Firefox.

Skype for web browser not supported firefox

Reason: The current version of Firefox 65 does not support NPAPI, which is necessary for the web version of Skype to work, the service does not work.

Make the new Skype for Web work in Firefox

1. Visit the Mozilla Add-ons for Firefox website

2. Download and install the web extension version of User agent switch

3. Go to click the UAS extension icon on the toolbar and on the second line, choose “Google Chrome” or “Microsot Edge” as user agent.

Firefox User Agent Switcher Extension

4. Now reload the Skype website to see the login page, we can successfully sign in to Skype.

To restore the default User Agent in Firefox, click on the first icon on the last line.

Please note that the extension supports changing the user agent for a specific website or domain, for example you can add a new address to the input field in the Popup UI extension, but we noticed that it is not working and it is applying UA to all websites you visit in Firefox.

So after using the extension, change the UA to default so that other sites work as they should in the Firefox browser.

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