Malwarebytes 2.1 will come with major UI changes

Malwarebytes 1.75 to Malwarebytes 2.0 saw many UI changes, users did not like the new UI, to please its users Malwarebytes Corporation started making changes to the UI of the next Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.1which will be released in January 2015. Check out the mockup below.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware 2.1 New User Interface

What’s new in UI: The banners and marketing module have been removed, as a result you will not see the banner ads. The fonts have also changed, you’ll find out more when this version is released.

“As you can see we have removed all aggressive banners and at your suggestion we have removed the marketing module from the dashboard.” Malwarebytes Founder and CEO Marcin Kleczynski he said in a forum post.

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“I’m just showing the dashboard, but we’ve reworked the entire verification flow to be simpler as well. Please note that this UI will continue to evolve in the next versions as we get to everything that’s been asked. Please be kind to us, we’re working on the faster than we can!” he added.

Malwarebytes version 1.75, 2.0 and 2.1 user interfaces

In the screenshot above, tell me which UI you liked best.

Note: The screenshot shared in this post is just a mockup, the end-user interface may actually look different from this one.

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