Malwarebytes 4.3 First Beta is now available

Malwarebytes has released the first beta version of Malwarebytes 4.3 and it is available for download with new features, improvements and bug fixes. The upcoming version of Malwarebytes allows users to schedule reminders for system reboots when needed and the app can also show what a new screen is to let users know what the program update is bringing to the table.

It is worth mentioning that the changes are available in the beta version. First you need to install the regular version and then you need to activate the beta updates to get a peek at the new features.

Here’s what you need to do to see MB v4.3 changes

  1. Download and install Malwarebytes 4.2
  2. To throw
  3. Click Settings
  4. Scroll down and toggle the switch to enable “Beta Updates”
  5. Scroll up and click on “Check for Updates” and when prompted let Malwarebytes download the Beta. Follow the additional instructions on the screen.

Malwarebytes 4.3.0

Beta changelog:

  • What’s New on the Screen
  • Options to schedule reminders for a restart when needed
  • New Settings Manage Alert Options for Teams.
  • Improved detections and fixes
  • Improved performance.

The following issues, along with several related to the UI, have been fixed:

Persistent conflicts with local networks affecting printers and other devices

ARW Component Protection Event reporting does not include log objects.

You can download Malwarebytes from on here.

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