Malwarebytes disables hardware acceleration after UI issues

Recently Malwarebytes added a setting for the hardware acceleration feature in its settings and it was enabled by default for some time, after receiving reports from users about interface problems it caused, Malwarebytes decided to disable hardware acceleration for new installs of Malwarebytes. Malwarebytes Component Update Version 1.0.875 on.

In November 2019, Malwarebytes 4 was released with a new scanning engine, since then the anti-malware has received new updates with bug fixes and improvements. Malwarebytes version 4.1 added support for the most requested dark mode/dark theme in Windows 10.

There are reports on the Malwarebytes support forum [1] [2] [3] about Malwarebytes UI lazy or unresponsive loading or UI elements in MB system tray icon are appearing empty with no options.

The problem is that Malwarebytes with hardware acceleration enabled is not compatible with some of the graphics drivers on Windows devices and is causing Malwarebytes UI issues which you can notice in the screenshot above. Malwarebytes Corporation acknowledged these reports and ensured that the hardware acceleration setting is disabled by default with the new CU it has released on April 15th.

Malwarebytes 4.1 uses hardware acceleration setting in Display

Malwarebytes Component Update 4.1 1.0.875 Changelog:

1. Hardware acceleration is disabled by default (for new installs)

2. Improved web protection

3. Improved component update functionality

4. Improved detection and correction

Fixed issues:

  • Web Protection breaks connection to Azure Devops Agent and RDP
  • BSOD 0X7F and 0XD1 during UDP stress test
  • BSOD stop code: KERNEL SECURITY CHECK FAILURE bug check 139 -CU 1.0.825
  • Various additional issues related to the upgrade to 4.1
  • Various UI issues

If you’ve updated to the latest version of Malwarebytes and you’re having issues with the Malwarebytes interface, go ahead and do the following

1. Settings > Display > Hardware Acceleration,

2. Disable hardware acceleration when available, close and reopen the Malwarebytes interface.

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