Malwarebytes Releases Major Version of AdwCleaner 7.4, Now Detects Pre-Installed Software Too

Malwarebytes AdwCleaner, the tool that removes Adware just got better, newly released AdwCleaner v7.4.0 now available with the ability to detect and remove pre-installed software from new computers.

If you have brought a branded PC from an online store such as Dell, HP or Lenovo, then you should be concerned about the pre-installed software that PC brands put on the system along with Windows and can affect the system performance, consume more resources, CPU and memory.

There are special freeware tools available on the internet to get rid of them, for example you can rely on PC Decrapifier and Decrap my Computer, now you can add Malwarebytes AdwCleaner to the tool list.

Malwarebytes took to its forum to announce the availability of the new version. This is a major version and the developers spent a year to make it available to the public.

Adwcleaner 7.4.0 Changelog

AdwCleaner v7.4, in addition to detecting pre-installed apps, comes with several UI changes, for example, it now uses “Windows 10 style title bar” and its UI dimensions have been increased.

The tool creates a restore point when the pre-installed software is detected on your system, even if you remove it using the tool, you can restore it later by selecting from the “Pre-installed software” section in the Quarantine folder.

Quarantine pre-installed software

New features and changes

  • Scan and manage pre-installed software
  • New detection glossary available during scan results
  • Add an informational message explaining what the pre-installed software is.

If you are already using AdwCleaner on your computer, you will be prompted to update to the latest version, Yes! AdwCleaner has built-in auto-update.

You can also download the latest version of AdwCleaner manually from on here.

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