MediaFire offers 50GB of online storage for free accounts, go and get it

I have used mediafire it’s been a while now and i’ve been impressed with the features offered to my free account so far, you can’t compare this service to Dropbox or Google Drive which offers file sync but useful enough which offers 50 GB of free cloud storage space For free accounts, there are some limitations and advantages of this file sharing site with other sites when compared, here they are briefly.

limitations: The maximum size of individual file that can be uploaded or downloaded is 200MB, if your account remains inactive for a certain period of time, your account will be removed.

Benefits: Store up to 50GB of files in your accounts where other popular services like Google Drive, Dropbox offer 5GB and 2GB respectively and let me tell you that MediaFire has been offering this since July 16th. You can download any number of files simultaneously with no speed/bandwidth limitations. MediaFire supports resuming unfinished downloads.

unique links is a great feature that allows you to restrict the number of downloads for a specified person to one, to get a single download link for a file, right click on that file and select the share button and click on the option provided in the share light box. Free users can create 15 unique links per day.

1 download

File upload made easy with Drag and drop: You can drag and drop multiple files at once from your computer to the Uploader area of ‚Äč‚Äčthis service. You can also drag and drop the new file onto the old file without having to change the link.

Viewing and editing documents online: You can view and edit uploaded documents like PDF, Word, PowerPoint online in its web interface without having to download them to your computer.

More reasons for bloggers to use this service than Dropbox: Bloggers will love this service because it doesn’t ban your links you’ve shared on your blog when they get excessive traffic, Dropbox does that.

Are you looking for a desktop client application for MediaFire that makes it easy to upload and share MediaFire offerings? Media Fire Express that you can download and install on your computer that allows you to upload files from your desktop without having to open your browser and visit the MediaFire website and you can also share files quickly with this application.

MediaFire free account creation link

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