Microsoft Aggressively Promotes Microsoft Edge on Bing

After promoting Microsoft Edge in Windows 10’s Start and Search menu, for queries from rival browsers, Microsoft is now using Bing to do the same, but this time a very aggressive promotion where the Edge ad download appears fine. in the center on the Bing Search results page.

A few days ago, Microsoft recommended Edge in the Start menu and Windows Search, and in the Edge Add-ons store, these ads disappeared.

Before forgetting about them, Microsoft started showing big banners on Bing when you search Firefox, Vivaldi and Opera browsers in the same browsers with a message to “download the new Microsoft Edge to get the best of the web”.

It’s worth noting that Bing doesn’t show ads at the bottom when you search Chrome, but it still promotes Edge at the top.

If you search Chrome or Firefox or other browsers in the new Microsoft Edge, Bing says “you are already browsing the new Microsoft Edge”, this definitely takes you back to the incident where Windows 10 asked not to install Firefox/Chrome as you can use Edge.

you are already browsing the new Microsoft Edge

You will also notice the “Try the new Microsoft Edge” message on the Bing homepage in target browsers.

Bing home page asks to try the new Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is already the second most used browser in the world, not sure if Microsoft should promote Edge in this irritating manner. It should appeal to users using other browsers for sure, but that’s definitely not the way. What do you say?

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