Microsoft Brings EdgeHTML Scrolling Animations to Chromium Edge and Google Chrome

Microsoft wants bring Impulsive-style (EdgeHTML-style) scrolling animations for Chromium as an option, the company confirms in a document that the new scrolling animations already brought to Chromium-based Edge and enabled by default in the Dev and Canary channels. As of now, the new “Impulse Scrolling Animations” feature has been released in Chrome Canary 81 and is available behind a flag.

Microsoft boasts in a explanatory document that “EdgeHTML has a specific style of scrolling animations that give it a personality not found on other platforms. ”

Microsoft employee Matthew claims that scrolling in Chrome will be more responsive with the new feature. ” The main idea is that each mouse wheel tick tries to mimic a physical world where content starts moving quickly (an impulse) and then slows down due to friction. one of the benefits of this approach is that scrolling feels more responsive due to the quick acceleration at first.”

To enable EdgeHTML-style scroll animations in Chrome

1. On the latest version of Chrome Canary 81.0.3991.0 or later,

2. Visit chrome://flags/#impulse-scroll-animations

push style scroll animations banner

3. Select “Enabled” and restart the browser.

The flag available for Mac, Windows. Linux, Chrome OS and Android platforms when enabled ”Replaces standard scroll animations with impulse-style scroll animations”.

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