Microsoft Edge 86 Dev Update Brings a New Alert for Compromised Passwords

Microsoft has released ramp up 86.0.622.3.0 for the Edge development channel and is available for download with improvements and bug fixes. Microsoft Edge now shows more alerts when Password Monitor finds one of your passwords to be leaked. The update brings a delete option for a downloaded file on the downloads shelf, and Edge’s bookmarks page lets you show or hide the bookmarks bar.

The Password Monitor built into Microsoft Edge notifies you when it finds a compromised password. Until now, Edge alerted users on the edge://settings/passwords page or via a red icon in the ellipsis menu. With the latest update, the alert can be seen by all users without having to access the settings or by clicking the menu icon, check the screenshot below.

The Leaked Password Alert displays this message to the user:

“We monitor your saved passwords for problems. Microsoft Edge detected that the password for 1 website was leaked. Change your password to protect your account. ”

Edge new leaked password alert

The notification offers “View details” and “Not now” buttons. Clicking the first one takes you to edge://settings/passwords/PasswordMonitor to fix the leaked password, here you can change the password or ignore the alert.

While the new Edge download interface is still available to all users on the dev and Canary channels, Microsoft has added a “Delete file” option to the downloaded files menu on the downloads shelf. This makes it easier for the user to delete a download without having to visit the edge://downloads page.

Edge downloads shelf file delete option

Another notable change Microsoft mentioned in Edge dev version 86.0.622.3 change log is the ability to show or hide the bookmarks bar of the edge://favorites page. One of these options is already offered in the Favorites submenu in the Ellipsis menu.

What is your opinion about these changes? Let us know in the comments below.

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