Microsoft Edge add-ons website (beta) goes live with search function and 162 extensions

The Microsoft Edge Insider add-on site no longer contains the word “Insider”, its Microsoft Edge Add-ons in “Beta” now with search feature to find the extensions you are looking for and get 40 new extensions to make your addons total count to go over 160.

While Chromium Edge lets you install extensions from the Chrome Web Store, Microsoft maintains a dedicated add-on store for the browser. Until yesterday, the Store offered a limited number of add-ons (123 to be precise) for ad blockers and password managers such as Ublock Origin, LastPass and Dashlane for Microsoft’s OneNote Web clipper.

Microsoft Edge Add-on Store (Beta)

With the redesign of the Extensions Store, Microsoft has restructured add-ons sections and moved extensions in ad blockers and password managers to Productivity and offers many new extensions for Shopping and Social. For example, Shopping offers Amazon Assitant and Microsoft Personal, while Social contains the familiar Avast Online Security and FB Purity for Facebook.

Microsoft has divided Edge add-ons into the following categories.



development tools


News & Weather,



search tools



You’ll find ad blocker and password manager extensions under Productivity. At any time, you can use the newly added search button to find the extensions you want to install.

old Microsoft Edge Insider add-ons page

Microsoft has already announced Edge Stable release date of January 15, 2020, they are now preparing their extension store for this, Store has now reached the beta label, expect Microsoft to add more extensions and possibly remove the beta tag when the Edge’s release date approaches.

You can check the new Microsoft Edge add-ons website on here.

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