Microsoft Edge adds Picture in Picture button to videos

Until now, you need to manually enable and use Global Media Controls to enter Image in Image mode in Microsoft Edge, this is no longer necessary. the browser has its own button for PiP for windows and Mac in edge 93. It is currently being implemented along with a setting to control its appearance in the video frame.

Picture in Picture mode in Chromium browsers

Picture in Picture mode lets you watch a video in a floating window on top of other windows. With PiP mode, you can interact with other websites or apps.

Google Chrome does not yet have a native Picture in Picture button, users need to right-click on a video and select the option to enter PiP mode. However, they can manage audio and video playback in the browser by opening the Media Controls UI in the toolbar.

Chromium browsers such as Vivaldi and Opera have customized Picture in Picture mode to your liking. Microsoft has kept silent about this. Now it started to be released the PIP button for Edge on Windows and Mac with version 93. Edge for Mac gets the icon first, followed by the Windows version. The button implementation looks more like Firefox.

Microsoft Edge’s new Picture-in-Picture button

Here’s what the Picture in Picture experience looks like in Microsoft Edge for videos now:

  1. Visit YouTube
  2. Play any video
  3. Hover over it to notice a pop-out button (this one is similar to the Opera and Vivaldi browser), clicking it will open the video in the Picture in Picture window.
    Only the Image button in Image of Microsoft Edge

Enable or disable the Picture in Picture button in Microsoft Edge

Like Firefox, Microsoft has added a setting to manage the appearance of the PiP icon in Edge.

1. Visit Definitions > Cookies and website permissions > Picture-in-picture control

2. Toggle the key to “ Show picture-in-picture control internal video frame” to On or Off.
show picture-in-picture control within video frame setting

As we said above, you can disable the Edge PiP button on videos if you don’t like it by toggling the setting.

If you want to enter Picture in Picture mode for Videos on the Edge of Global Media Controls, follow the steps below.

  • Visit the edge://flags page
  • Enable the following flags and restart the browser.
  • Global media controls
  • Picture-in-Picture global media controls
  • Play any YouTube video and click the GMC icon and select the PiP icon.
    pip icon in Microsoft Edge global media controls

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