Microsoft Edge Adds Smart Copy to Web Capture, Tests New Setting to Disable Vertical Tabs

After getting the ability to save screenshots to collections, Microsoft has now removed Smart Copy from the Page Context menu and added it to Web Capture in Edge Canary. Here’s how you can use or test the change in the Canary version.

The Smart Copy feature has been built into Edge.

As the name implies, it allows you to easily copy and paste web content such as tables and text with images into documents and the Windows clipboard. Advanced formatting will be preserved after pasting.

Smart Copy can be enabled in Edge using the Ctrl+Shift+X option or by selecting the option available from the Page shortcut menu.

Smart copy context menu option

We noticed that the option is no longer present in the context menu or invokes Web Capture when you press the keyboard shortcut in the latest Edge Canary 92.0.880.0.

From now on, to use Smart Copy in Edge, you have to press or Ctrl+Shift+X or click the Web Capture icon on the toolbar (Ctrl+Shift+S) and select Smart Copy.

Microsoft tests a new setting in Edge to disable all vertical tabs

Microsoft has recently started testing the Tab Actions menu in place of the Vertical Tabs button.

Left-click to activate vertical guides, open recently closed and add all guides to the new collection.

But with that, more steps are needed to disable vertical tabs in Edge browser.

To resolve this, Microsoft is testing a single configuration “Disable vertical guides in all browser windows” to toggle the feature.
Disable Vertical Tabs in All Browser Windows Settings

You can find the new setting under Appearance Settings on the Customize toolbar.

What is your opinion about these changes? Let us know in the comments below.

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