Microsoft Edge can now download updates over limited connections

When you tell Windows 10 that you’re using a metered connection for your device, Windows and other apps won’t update automatically. This is a way to avoid Windows updates or another way to reduce data usage if you have a limited data plan. Microsoft now allows Windows users to update Edge on limited connections as well through a new in-browser setting. This feature is available in Canary 89.0.726.0.

You might be missing crucial Edge security updates because of limited network. Edge usually updates automatically and applies new features, performance, and memory improvements, with fixes for various vulnerabilities and bugs.

Starting with the Creators Update, Windows 10 lets you set a wired network connection as a meter to give you control over your data usage.

Here’s how you can make an Ethernet connection like Measured in Windows.

1. Open Settings

2. Click Network and Internet

3. Under Ethernet click on Properties which offers Settings for metered connections and to change the network profile to private or public

4. Under Measured connection, toggle the option “Set as metered connection”

Enable Edge Updates on a metered connection

  1. Launch the Edge browser
  2. Click on the three dots icon and select Settings
  3. Select “About Microsoft Edge”
  4. Toggle the “Download updates on metered connections” setting

The setting is self-explanatory: enabling the above setting causes Edge to download and install updates when you are using a metered connection, Edge restart is required to apply the updates.

What is your opinion on this? Is Microsoft giving an option in Edge to ensure the browser is up to date on a metered connection? This can be useful to keep your Edge safe as it receives security fixes.

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